Monday, October 5, 2009

Promises to Keep by Thomas Dwyer A Book Review

Promises To Keep - The Untold Story of a Family Trapped in War Torn Italy
by Thomas Dwyer
Published by:
iUniverse (May 20, 2009)
ISBN 978-0595529001

Reviewed by Beverly Pechin, for Reader Views (10/09)

Rarely do you read a book with so much intrigue, spirit and insightfulness of a family history. The intimate family pictures, while not plentiful, was a huge factor in bringing the human aspect to this amazing story of an Italian family in war torn times.

To see the characters, their depth, their will to survive and their determination to "become someone" or "something" in this world was simply breath taking. There aren't words deep enough to describe the family portrayed in "Promises To Keep" and the character of the man himself whom the story follows, Domenico Forte. To see what he gives up as a man, as a father, as a husband; all in order to give his family the best he can & better than he ever had simply portrays this man that is for lack of better words "filled with pride & strength".

The story line itself is one that is amazing but add to that the depth of the main characters and you have simply one of the most amazing stories of family history ever written. It's not a book about someone "famous", it's a book about someone "real". This could have been your own ancestors' story, traveling to the great land of freedom known as America, trying to make for a better world for themselves and those they love.

You will cry at the sorrow, you will laugh at the joy and you will most of all gain a new found respect for those days gone by when being an immigrant was something that would later make your ancestors proud - knowing you were a man or woman of character & strength above and beyond what ANY of us today could imagine.

An amazing author with an amazing story to tell & he did it well!

Definitely 4 1/2 Stars on a 5 Star Scale!

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