Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fractured Legacy by Skye Callahan

 *Image from Barnes and Noble Nook Website

I've been doing a lot more reading on my Nook lately and I'm so glad!

It gives me the opportunity to read new authors; especially when I get the free download!

Fractured Legacy was a free download. This is one of the smartest things an author can do IF they have any talent at all. Below is my review.

The story line was very good. I loved the characters and the way the author built them without getting too detailed. You had a good feeling for who they were, without feeling like you knew their every more. I think this was a good move on the author's part because it kept you wondering sometimes. Nothing was "easily" guessed and the ending, while not dramatic, was definitely not something you knew almost 2 chapters into the book.

Callahan's style of writing is excellent. The only complaint about the Nook version was that there were about 6 or so VERY obvious type-o's that jump out! For me, type-o's mean that you didn't spend that few extra bucks to have someone decent do some editing. Yes, this is my husband's company and I do have a bit of an "investment" in that link. Full disclosure here. But truthfully, the book was short enough that a decent editing job would have been fairly inexpensive with Z e-SSISTANT SOLUTIONS and made a much better impression.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when an author does NOT take the time and effort to edit well. It's too difficult to edit your own work; so get someone else to do it. I don't care if it's a friend or relative at least they will see obvious type-o's. You can choose to hire an inexpensive editor for small books and specify that you don't want the writing changes but only type-o's. Things like this can make or break small, new authors.

So now that I got that off my chest (I will rant like this anytime I see a number of type-o's ... sorry!) I'll go back to the review part.

The characters are well written and go into enough depth that you aren't bored. Based on a paranormal activities company that is suddenly taken over by a new "boss." The book takes place in a somewhat small town and you immediately get the sense that this town is large enough to keep a semi-low profile yet small enough to know many people. It's obviously large enough to have paranormal actions going on that are regular enough to warrant a company to deal with that particular town and perhaps surrounding towns.

Because the book is a "shorter" story (I think because it's a first time Nook release to introduce readers to the series) there's not a whole lot of time spent on detail. This minimal detail can be a plus or a minus, depending upon whether you're in for a long read or just enjoying a short enough read that can be done in a day or so. Personally I don't think it took anything away from the book and allowed for the author to get her work out there while being able to put more detail in her next works.

The book is short but not too short. The plot keeps you interested and even wondering if you do or don't have the answers. I love the paranormal so I enjoyed this type of work. The author is definitely one I'll be keeping on my radar.

Fractured Legacy is book 1 in what is listed to be a "series" of books. Book 1 (for free) on Nook and then Book 2 in the series; Beyond The Divide (for $2.99 on Nook) is all I currently see listed. I'm hoping the author comes up with more in the series!

I'll be purchasing the next book in the series for sure. While I've viewed other books from this author I may hold off on the other styles of writing she does. Just not my cup of tea. However, the Fractured Legacy Series is definitely worth the read. Try it for free, with nothing to lose. Then if you love it as much as I do grab the inexpensive 2nd in the series!

I would give this 4 Stars on the 5 Star scale! With book 1 you're not taking any real chance other than possibly finding another author you enjoy. If you enjoy the paranormal this author has found a way to bring some light, enjoyable stories into your world. Grab it!