Monday, September 13, 2010

The Monster On Top Of The Bed - Review (Children's Book)

I don't get the chance to often read and review a children's book so when the opportunity came I was pretty excited. As a matter of fact, you can see by my history of book reviews on my personal site that I don't often add on many childrens books and the reason is simply because most don't warrant a true mention.

Most kids books I've reviewed, I can honestly say I'm less than thrilled with. Being a mother to 3, now grown, children I know what kids love. Reading was and is an integral part of parenting in my world. As I look forward to being a "grandma" some day I can't wait to pull out all those books we loved to read as a family and read to my grandchild but I also can't wait to share some of what will become our favorites either and I'm quite certain The Monster On Top of The Bed will become one of them!

My original beginnings with The Monster On Top of The Bed began with some editing work I did. The author contacted me and asked for a quick look-over on the book and to make some suggestions. Generally I just prepare myself for some less than meaty reading, small words tossed together with very little true meaning and most of the time some pretty unexciting pictures. I've even had kids books with NO pictures?! I'm an adult with a slightly higher attention span and I appreciate pictures! Kids LOVE great pictures to go with the story!!!!!! When I got this one I was so very pleasantly surprised! This not only has a real story line but something a little different and ends up being very educational! I would almost recommend it as a teaching book also, as it uses some very unusual techniques to show

As I read The Monster On Top Of The Bed from I was impressed. It is simply a wonderful story about a little girl, Suzy, (the monster) who scares Karrit (the one who's afraid of the "monster" on top of the bed), and how funny it can be when you don't realize that things aren't nearly as frightening in real life as you might "think" they are! The wonderful use of "play on words", such as the poor monster Karrit being afraid Suzy's going to eat HIM because he heard her say she loves to eat "Carrots" is just adorable and funny. It takes a subject that can be frightening to a little one and makes it comical and fun. In the end you'll be chuckling along with your little one about the silliness of Karrit and Suzy and I'm going to guess you're going to be asked over and over to read this story!

The artwork is quite good also. Unlike many books that toss a few pictures together without much thought, even the discussion section at the end of the book makes you realize there was a lot of time and effort put into each and every picture. For example one of the questions they ask is "Why does Karrit's nose change color?" and after you read the story you realize that wasn't a big deal in the book but the picture clearly shows Karrits nose in different colors! This question make you and your little one ponder "why" and come up with some of your own ideas! You'll go back and read it again and again to try to come up with some answers to the questions they ponder at the end for you to discuss! It's wonderful. You'll talk about friendships, worrying about things that maybe you shouldn't worry about, and so much more!

I highly recommend this wonderful and delightful story to you. If you have a little one to share it with... it's going to be well worth it to make a regular story you share! So click on the site and take a look. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how fun & adventurous monsters can really be! AND when you purchase the book in pdf format from the site, you get an e-book that can printed and shared with your kids, giving each their own copy to draw in, write in or even cut out and use the pictures to decorate their room! It's a wonderful way to bring a book to life! Remember when we used to get in TROUBLE for writing in our books!? Not anymore! This way they truly make the book their own & can reprint it often, keeping one "good copy" to read, while having a copy to make into their very own treasure!