Monday, October 5, 2009

Grundish and Askew Book Review

Grundish and Askew
by Lance Carbuncle
Published by:
Vicious Galoot Books Co.(copyright 2009)
ISBN 978-0-9822800-0-3

Reviewed by Beverly Pechin, for Reader Views (10/09)

This is probably one of the most unique books I've ever read. Unique is not a bad thing, simply something you have to adjust to & realize you are no longer reading "inside the box" material!

A book of friendship and how far two young men will go for each others friendship; you quickly form an opinion on both "Grundish" and "Askew". Don't worry, these opinions will change, many times.

These punkish, bad to the bone, style young men seem to find what they need in each other to keep afloat. When one goes down, the other is there to toss the life jacket. A vow of "kill me if I'm ever arrested & going to be put away" becomes a promise made by one friend with certainty that it will never happen.. or will it?

A true story of friendship, one that most any of us will never truly find in a friend at any point of our life, tells a lot about those "bad kids" we all know. Perhaps it also tells a lot about those "goody 2 shoes kids" we all think we'd want our kids to be also? When your back's against the wall do you want a friend that will take the hit for you or run? These two know the answer and live the life.

Hard hitting, sometimes raunchy, risque and gritty... you won't find cookies and milk at the end of this storybook friendship or prince charming saving the day. You find reality, which sometimes bites, but is always very raw & real.

This book could easily be the sleeper of the year if given the chance... it will open your eyes, change your mind, change your outlook & bring you to question what true friendship is or if you could honestly be one. An excellent read & I'm seeing an audience of 20-somethings falling in love with this grunge style of writing.

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