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Irion Pioneers - Book One of the Marquette Trilogy

The Marquette Trilogy: Book One
Iron Pioneers by Tyler R. Tichelaar

Depth in Literature

The Marquette Trilogy: Book One - Iron Pioneers is the first work I've read by Tyler Tichelaar. Generally, I am a fan of the historical fiction genre anyways, but I chose this book in particular because of the book's setting. A novel about the building of the Marquette, Michigan area as a native of the Great Lakes area myself this book has a special spot in my heart. I've lived on Lake Erie since birth and not only love but appreciate the history behind the Great Lakes area and all it has offered to our Nation as it grew into it's current strength. The small, individual stories behind the growth will never cease to amaze and Iron Pioneers is one of the greatest tributes to these small stories you will ever find.

Iron Pioneers begins with the origins of Marquette, as the "wilderness" slowly grows into a thriving city. The story line itself is interesting enough, but the depth and strength of each and every character involved is simply amazing. As you progress through the story you slowly grow with each character, so strongly that you become one of them. Through the roughest times when there's scarcely going to be enough food to survive a winter in this new uncharted territory, to the times of wealth and richness you bond with the friendships amongst the citizens as the town grows. Simply speaking, the depth & intrigue of the characters alone is a major selling point of this book. It's rare an author can bring so many people to life so easily & so well, but Tyler Tichelaar does just that.

In the beginning, you experience the trials and tribulations of a new land, untouched, trying to become livable. Death seems to be everywhere at some points, making you wonder how or why anyone would have borne the pains they did, simply to bring new wealth & industry to a new nation. As time goes on you watch the children grow into young men and women, finding love, marriage while others find pain, death & hardship. You quickly make your own choices of who to like and dislike, who to cry for and cheer for. Slowly you see a small town come into existence and then a small city. Eventually the growth and development of the area seems amazing and while you recall the painstaking efforts that made Marquette what it became, you quickly forget that so much was lost for so big of a gain. As a reader, Tichelaar seems to be able to pull you into the characters' lives, making you appreciate everything from honorable efforts of a rich, old man who knows his time is limited to the grand ideas and changes of the industrial revolution around them.

Simply put, book one of this Marquette Trilogy is not only the first step of a love formation for the upper Michigan peninsula but for the characters who created it. You're pulled in so deeply that book one finishes with you demanding the rest of the trilogy. It's definitely going to be an addiction, so don't pick it up thinking you can stop!

Amazing writing style, intense characters, amazingly intriguing & realistic plot that's never drudged down with historical "facts" to the point of making you bored. That's a combination that many historical fictions cannot easily bring to life between the pages. Iron Pioneers will guide you through the first years of the City of Marquette and bring you to the realization that you simply want to learn more. Book Two: The Queen City is but a few moments away on my list of books to be read! I can't wait! If you're a historical fiction fan of any type, this is a must read in the genre. If you think you "hate" history & figure "historical fiction" is going to bore you to death you are so wrong! Give this one a try. I guarantee you will be turned on to a whole new genre & definitely onto a whole trilogy of interesting characters you will both love & despise! It's a must read on my list!

You can purchase this book at Amazon
ISBN 978-09791790-0-6
Published by Marquette Fiction
Retails for $25.95 U.S.

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