Thursday, September 8, 2011

EAT ALL DAY - DRINK ALL DAY: A Never-Hungry way to get slim and stay slim

A Book Review of:

EAT ALL DAY - DRINK ALL DAY: A Never-Hungry way to get slim and stay slim

By D.G. Long

I decided to check out the Eat all Day - Drink All Day weight loss plan for a couple of reasons. Having been recently very successful in losing over 100 pounds, the natural way and not with surgery, I feel I have a pretty good insight to the world of weight loss. I’m always looking for new recipes, new ideas, and ways to enhance this new lifestyle. I’m also kind of at a “loss” plateau but still “losing” inches while exercising so I was hoping to find some new ideas for changing up our routine of eating a lot of the same old things.

This book intrigued me because it seemed like a simple approach to creating healthy recipes. Once I opened the first pages I realized not only was I right but the recipes were amazing. Filled with tons of great recipes, some of which I've put on my "regular recipes I make" list, the only disappointment I had was that the author only puts calorie counts. There is a reason for this, as the author's entire thought process on weight loss is a simple and truthful one to some extent. She believes losing weight is a matter of Calories In versus Calories Out. I do agree with her to some degree but unfortunately in today's world we should also be very conscious of the items we're putting into our bodies to the point that we at least can easily see things like fiber content, fat content, and so on.

I personally think if more nutritional information were offered for the recipes she could even sell more books to those on other programs that work for them. However, the author is adamant about it all being simplified to caloric intake and output so I fully understand why the book is written in the style it is written.

I love the fact that the author is "one of us" so to speak. She's not some doctor who weighs the perfect weight and has never struggled with weight issues but has read up on it all. She's knowledgeable because she's been there, done that and isn't ashamed to say so. You can always tell when a recipe book author who is targeting weight loss and healthy eating lifestyle change isn't a person who's ever really had to struggle with the issue of weight. Those books tend to be very formal, factual, and informational but often unrealistic in real life. Sure, who wouldn't love some gourmet eating but who has the time to not only whip up their "ideas" for weight loss but afford half the items they want you to buy?

Eat All Day's author is not only realistic but uses REAL food and doesn't take all day to create her recipes. I truly love the book. As for having to figure out the rest of the nutritional information (because I also like to know how much fiber ,fat and general nutritional info is in my food) it's not that big of a deal as I utilize the SparkPeople.Com recipe builder if I'm wondering. However, many of the recipes are so basic you just know that it's okay and either high in fiber, etc. and works with your new healthy lifestyle.

So exactly what's inside? Well, without giving it all away let me peak your interest with a few titles of some recipes offered. You can start your day with Mexicali Eggs, sip on a chocolate cheesecake shake, or enjoy an exquisite dinner with Bravissimo Chicken (sounds way more "foo foo" than it really is!) just to name a few. The book is divided into sections including drinks, salads, beef, seafood, and so on. You can find anything you want easily with the reference area both in the back of the book and the table of contents so you're not fumbling for that recipe you saw. The book is small enough to be handy, yet filled to the brim with real food ideas and recipes. Simply said, its simplicity is its best feature and that's not normally the way most weight loss books are. Perhaps that's why most weight loss plans are often tossed aside after just a few weeks or months.

The author has a bit of a sense of humor also, which once again justifies her ability to truly give good advice on how she's lost weight because she is very "real" in her approach. No matter what "diet" (I hate that word too and rarely use it) you're on or if you're just ready to take a no frills approach to losing weight, this book is a must for everyone's collection of recipe books. Real, down to earth, and quite yummy in content I think Ms. Long has nailed this recipe book perfectly. My only other "complaint" about the book? I'd love to see it twice its size!

Kudos to a great job Ms. Long. You've done well for those who are tired of complicated, full of crap systems to suddenly be thin. You're realistic approach is refreshing and your recipes delicious!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Hot Dog Stand In The Himalays - Review

A Hot Dog Stand in the Himalayas is a very quick read. Well written, it is from the view of a child who tells about her wonderful and memorable relationship with her grandmother. It's a group of small quips and memories, moments caught in time as if they are mental snapshots.

Written with style and ease, the author truly makes you feel as if you are there. It had me longing for the days I had spent with my own grandmother and wishing I had written down such vivid moments that may have seemed "normal and everyday" to most but so special in hindsight.

You will smile at the ideas, chuckle at the childlike love and actions, and enjoy every moment that you are allowed to spend inside the mind of a child.

As I read I couldn't help but wonder "Why the title?" but as seemingly fit it all came together in the fashion you would expect of the entire story as it's told.

I guarantee you will walk away from this quick read, glad that you were given these few moments in the life of a family and yearning for the memories of your own childhood that made someone in your life that "very special person." Wonderfully written and definitely the bright beginning of an author that I hope to see more of as time goes on. Truly enjoyable.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

StarConnect - A Way to Become A Star?

I've decided as part of my "reading" blog I have to start including my electronic reading.  My last blog post was on reading a Nook Book so I thought why not start reviewing some websites that have been called to my attention too?  So welcome to my first "Website Review"; since reading comes in all shapes, sizes and styles! Right?

With the world of "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance" and " America's Got Talent" you  have to take notice of the sudden onslaught of interest in those who are hoping to reach stardom.  In seeing this increase in competitive programs on television shows that not only are there millions of people out there hoping to reach the stages of being a star but there truly is some talent that may go untapped too.  How many people slip through the cracks of these shows?  Can they really find every wonderful and outstanding star material when literally searching through hundreds of thousands of entries each and every day?

That's where sites like StarConnect may come in handy!  This site offers a slew of information and help in helping you start joining the ranks of stardom.  While they don't hand you promises of instant stardom they do offer you tips and answer questions that many people who didn't "grow up in the industry" might have.  They also offer the ability to create an online Bio.  StarConnect is based on the ideas from StarCentral Magazine.  It was created to give options to those who are looking to get into the entertainment industry and focuses on both the local and international industry.  You can take your talents as far as you'd like with this site, staying local or going full tilt and finding people interested in your talents and look from all over the world.

If  you're someone that is hoping to break  into the entertainment industry this is an amazing resource to join a social media site that joins like minds.  You must provide an online Bio that will go through an approval process.  This keeps everything from spammers to fake members who may prey upon the hopeful from having easy access to those who are members of the site.  Once your Bio is approved you become a member with all the privileges.  These privileges include being able to update photos, events, and promote yourself and your talents on the site.  You can engage in conversation and communication with like minds and others in the fields, giving and taking together to help one another.  You may find out about up and coming events that are close enough to your locale that you could attend, trying to get that break you're looking for.  You may find some colleagues that are very similar in the type of entertainment you are looking for who will be willing to share some secrets, information and even mentor you if they've been out there in the field for a while.

I really see this community as a positive and great way for anyone who is already in the entertainment field looking for their break or thinking of getting into the field to join.  There are limitations of age and other fine print (not really fine, but well spelled out) on the site to check into.  You need to check this site out if you have your sites on stardom! Check them out! StarConnect will have you feeling like a star, while giving you tips, hints and so many ways to connect with others.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Book Review

I  haven't posted in sooooo long! It's not because I haven't been reading but more so I've just found so few hours to do things like blogging anymore! I suppose that's a good thing, it means I'm keeping busy right?

I can't believe I have literally not blogged since 2010 on here! I won't try to catch up with all I've read but I will try to add some new material.

For Christmas my love bought me a Nook.  I wasn't sure how I would be with it. I love high-tech stuff but when it comes to my reading I tend to have a heart based upon holding a book in my hands.  I bought this amazing pink (my fave color) gummy protector and a pink zipper carrier/cover off ebay for really cheap and decided "OK, now I have to get serious and truly start reading off it!"  I still wasn't sure about giving up holding those sweet, soft pages that I was so used to and grew up with though. Well that was quickly dismissed with my first download.  In the beginning I used to think that I wouldn't be too keen on paying $10-$15 or so for a book I couldn't share with others because I really love to share my books; so I basically scanned and downloaded every "freebie" they had on Barnes and Noble.  I still don't think I'll be able to read all those let alone the ones I have or want to purchase! 

Which leads me to the first book I purchased for my Nook, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I had been listening to everyone saying how amazing the series was and kept saying "I'll have to get those" but with all the books I have sitting here waiting to be read on my bookshelves and those that I get for book reviews (although I rarely even do those anymore because of time limits and it seems lack of paying ones getting worse and worse) I never really got around to buying the first of the series.  I decided that I'd bite the bullet and buy my first book for my Nook because to be honest I really, really loved the idea that I could easily take my book with me (tucked in my purse safely) without forgetting the book someplace (somehow you are a lot less likely to leave a Nook LOL) and decided why not begin the series I keep saying I'm dying to read?!

I had often read where people would say "It was hard to get into but when you finally did it was great" however, I really had read so many "It was amazing" types of reviews that I kind of pushed the others aside. It looked like something I would enjoy and B&N had The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on sale for 1/2 price at $5 so I figured my first paying download would be a deal too. 

I started to read it and I was so intent on wanting to read it that I really did push and push. After about the first 30 pages or so I found myself stopping and saying "Are people insane? THIS is what is so wonderful and amazing?"  In all seriousness I honestly debated just considering it a loss for my money and quitting but I thought perhaps if I put it down for a bit maybe I'd "get it" better later on.  

I tweeted about my "lack of interest" or the slow pace of the book and a ton of my fellow Reading Twitter Friends quickly responded with "I swear, if you can get past the first 100 pages or so it is amazing!"  I will admit that I am NOT one to force myself to read something.  If you don't have me within the first chapter or so I just consider it a loss.  Perhaps that's the wrong attitude but for me I truly feel as though I have so many options out there and so much waiting to be read that I see no purpose putting myself through hell as I trudge through the pages of something "hoping" it gets better.  I decided to believe them, because those same posts came to me in quantities and in particular by one of my fellow reading twitter friends that really seems to enjoy the same books as I do so I trudged on.  All I can say is I AM SO GLAD I KEPT READING!

Seriously, the book is excellent!  While I really wish the author would understand how to make the ENTIRE book as interesting as the rest of it, I have to admit that there was a point where you went "BAM!" and realized why all the boring stuff (although I still think it could have been written better so you'd be more interested) all pulled together to create this amazing story.  If you're looking for an amazing book and series to read for the summer I highly recommend The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  I can't wait to get started on book two of the series but I keep forgetting to grab a B&N gift card to make my purchase (I refuse to put books on "credit" and pay that  much in charges/fees when I can use a gift card to purchase them).  

The story not only took twists and turns that you never expected but was so well written, as opposed to the beginning, that I almost wondered if the original author hadn't been replaced!  The characters are truly intriguing and range from quirky to slightly insane to completely whacked. LOL  The writing style finally became smooth and easy flowing, making it a quick read once I hit that top of the long trudged mountain that was making it so hard to read!  Just when you think you have it all figured out you suddenly realize you're wrong. Best of all, just when it's all finally wrapping up you realize you wish the book were going to keep going! To me that's the best sign of a good book, not only that you don't want to put it down but you also don't want it to end.  

Of course if you couldn't tell by now, I give The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo a definite 2 thumbs up review.  It's wonderful and intense, intriguing and interesting, edge of your seat reading.  While I'm still very disappointed in the fact that the author for some reason had to bore the reader to death for so long in the beginning, I do kind of see his reason for writing what he did but just not HOW he did I guess.  I truly am one of those that say "Push on, keep reading it, it will be sooooo worth it!"