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Alaskans by Tanyo Ravicz

Alaskans by Tanyo Ravicz

Wonders of a Different World

I've always loved Alaska and have had a deep felt love of the state since I can remember. When I saw Alaskans by Tanyo Ravicz I knew I had to see what it was about. It reminded me of a book I had once read called "Ozark Memories" by Pam Prier, a book I loved & actually read more than once just because of the touching stories involved. Each author seemed to be able to tell a tale of stories about a place that they loved from deep within their hearts and the people who belonged there. Tanyo Ravicz's Alaskans immediately gave me the impression that the author not only knew about Alaska but Alaska was a part of who she was. While Prier's book Ozark Memories was a book of memoirs, Ravicz's book Alaskans was a combination of fiction, reality and memoirs that you knew had to of been based upon someone the author knew during his life in Alaska itself. You could tell the stories were of true Alaskan spirit in contemporary times.

The book is comprised of various short stories, ranging from a few pages to a substantial length for each. Each story has it's own feel, it's own character, it's own magic. Whether you enjoy the "outdoorsiness" of many of the stories or the traditions of some others, you will definitely find a touch of reality within each that sets it apart from the rest. No two stories are the same. You'll find stories of men, boys, women & animal. You'll be touched by traditions, simplicity, complexity and reality. As a matter of fact the variations of each story, each character or each situation keeps you wondering "What could be next" as you move through the book.

I always enjoy books that have a group of stories to read because it allows for breaks. Busy lifestyles often hinder reading and in this case it's so easy to finish a single story in one sitting that you'll find by the end of the book, you have felt like you've read ten different ones. It was always my "take along" book for such time as doctor's appointments and waiting for children to jump into the car when picking them up because I knew I could almost always finish at least one full story and walk away feeling complete. On lucky days, I'd get 2 or 3 stories read in a day!

The variations in plot & characters made the book very easy to read and hard to ever become bored with. One moment you were reading about a young boy slowly learning to become a "man" as he raised chickens and had to make tough decisions against nature, while the next moment you were chuckling along with fire fighters while they raised heck in the "local" bar. No two stories were alike, all were filled with authentic and realistic details that brought just a touch of a whole other world, the "world" of Alaska, into your lap.

If you've ever dreamed of going to, visiting, living in or simply knowing the true Alaska, this book is for you. Filled with great stories & interesting details that only an "insider" could know and you're given the privilege of being "one of them"... an Alaskan.

You can purchase this book at Amazon
ISBN 978-0-595-44789-3
Published by iUniverse
Retails for $14.95 U.S.

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