Monday, October 26, 2009

A Pig In The Rumble Seat

Simply an Extraordinary Author by any standard

A Pig In The Rumble Seat by Edward Hujsak is an extraordinarily written book that simply put, is just never the same from page to page. Each story has it's own style, taste, genre & thought process; from the "Sci-Fi" style first story of Goodbye Charley to the final short story of A Visit With Oliphant there is never a repeat of style or really, even genre. The book is like taking a break from the real world, to find yourself engulfed with a potpourri of styles & genres all wrapped into one delightful package!

When I first began reading the book the first short story immediately yelled "Sci-Fi" with a touch of eclectic character. As I finished the first story and moved onto the next, I realized that this author's style is not one of typical character. The ability to appeal to a vast diversion of readers is amazing. The memoir style stories hold the attention of the reader with a "manly" style of writing that makes sure he doesn't fall short of keeping his "own kind" entertained. A touch of more technical, engineering information is weaved into the stories of his memoir style short stories, just enough to make women continue to read for the final outcome while, my guess is, men hold on tight to the ins and outs of the various information that runs amuck in the authors ingenious mind! The ability to combine to two is simply quite amazing for most any author indeed!

The various settings of each story keep the reader intrigued. We move from outer space to the beautiful surroundings of Vermont and the New England states with ease. Each story bringing with it a new and intriguing tale, whether it be of fiction of fact - future or past.
The memoirs tend to be my favorite portions of the book. While I enjoy the authors exceptional way of telling a tale, especially those of "outer space" and futuristic oddities, I found great comfort in his own tales of the past recollecting times with friends from his younger days. The tale of the author and his friend traveling through the darkness of "the middle of nowhere" after a wondrous visit with his friend & family makes one chuckle at the simplicity of days gone by. A simple break of a fan belt back then was no big deal, yet in the world of today we know a single issue with a car can mean hundreds of dollars in new computer chips. Yet this same author has a sense of futuristic intricacy that is above and beyond the average and exemplifies it with his stories of Lazarus the "treasure hunter" from the planet Tilsen & Ydek the "creator" of "mankind" in a sense in his own orbital world as he plays games with life as if it were a game; which, to him it was more or less.

You simply won't get bored with this array of tales... from the obscure to the quaint & reminiscent. The simplicity of the idea of "Short Stories" is enhanced by the complexity of the diversity of the author himself & his styles of writing.
This book is definitely one that will keep any reader intrigued, page after page... but each time for an entirely different reason.

Rated 4 1/2 Stars on a 5 Star Scale!

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