Wednesday, August 3, 2011

StarConnect - A Way to Become A Star?

I've decided as part of my "reading" blog I have to start including my electronic reading.  My last blog post was on reading a Nook Book so I thought why not start reviewing some websites that have been called to my attention too?  So welcome to my first "Website Review"; since reading comes in all shapes, sizes and styles! Right?

With the world of "American Idol" and "So You Think You Can Dance" and " America's Got Talent" you  have to take notice of the sudden onslaught of interest in those who are hoping to reach stardom.  In seeing this increase in competitive programs on television shows that not only are there millions of people out there hoping to reach the stages of being a star but there truly is some talent that may go untapped too.  How many people slip through the cracks of these shows?  Can they really find every wonderful and outstanding star material when literally searching through hundreds of thousands of entries each and every day?

That's where sites like StarConnect may come in handy!  This site offers a slew of information and help in helping you start joining the ranks of stardom.  While they don't hand you promises of instant stardom they do offer you tips and answer questions that many people who didn't "grow up in the industry" might have.  They also offer the ability to create an online Bio.  StarConnect is based on the ideas from StarCentral Magazine.  It was created to give options to those who are looking to get into the entertainment industry and focuses on both the local and international industry.  You can take your talents as far as you'd like with this site, staying local or going full tilt and finding people interested in your talents and look from all over the world.

If  you're someone that is hoping to break  into the entertainment industry this is an amazing resource to join a social media site that joins like minds.  You must provide an online Bio that will go through an approval process.  This keeps everything from spammers to fake members who may prey upon the hopeful from having easy access to those who are members of the site.  Once your Bio is approved you become a member with all the privileges.  These privileges include being able to update photos, events, and promote yourself and your talents on the site.  You can engage in conversation and communication with like minds and others in the fields, giving and taking together to help one another.  You may find out about up and coming events that are close enough to your locale that you could attend, trying to get that break you're looking for.  You may find some colleagues that are very similar in the type of entertainment you are looking for who will be willing to share some secrets, information and even mentor you if they've been out there in the field for a while.

I really see this community as a positive and great way for anyone who is already in the entertainment field looking for their break or thinking of getting into the field to join.  There are limitations of age and other fine print (not really fine, but well spelled out) on the site to check into.  You need to check this site out if you have your sites on stardom! Check them out! StarConnect will have you feeling like a star, while giving you tips, hints and so many ways to connect with others.

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