Friday, July 10, 2009

Review for "Did I Expect Angels"

Jennifer Huffaker has been mourning the loss of her husband for quite some time now. Friends & family are tiring of her constant state of depression & inability to raise her daughter "normally". Enough is enough.

Jennifer notices herself that when her daughter is with others, she is full of laughter & smiles like a child should be. She starts to wonder if it's not best to end her own pain and leave Kaitlin with her grandparents, living a normal life again?

Henry is the "greeter" at a local department store she visits often. While they've shared greetings & quick comments, often in his native language, they're far from close friends. But tonight he senses something different & insists that Jennifer join him & his daughter at the diner down the road, promising it will only take a little bit of her time.

Henry shares his life story with Jennifer, explaining the harshness he has seen & showing that he too has felt "loss" above & beyond what one should be able to live with. Suddenly it all becomes clear to her, Henry had sensed what her mission was that night as she was checking out & he was sent to save her from her own desire to stop hurting herself & the ones she loves. He feels her pain, sees her struggle & knows her inner desire to just stop it all. They find too, that they are actually connected from Jennifer's childhood in an amazing way. This man has actually been a part of her life since she was a child & now he's here again, explaining that sometimes life is hard but you must move on. He is proof that it can be done.

Will Henry make a difference or will she realize that her child is better off growing up with people who can bring back normalcy in her life again?

Intense & intimately touching, this book won't let you down. The excellent, easy style of writing from author Kathryn Maughan makes the story flow along so quickly that you don't even realize you've read the book in literally a few short hours. Simply said, it makes one believe that perhaps we should "Expect Angels" when we need them most.

Did I Expect Angels by kathryn Maughan available at Amazon

Did I Expect Angels?

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  1. That sounds like a great book. Thanks for the review.