Sunday, July 19, 2009

FireFly Lane

Fire Fly Lane by Kristin Hannah is the perfect "Summer Reading" book. It's a must on this summer's list.

A story of 2 friends growing up in the 70's, following their lives, both so completely different. "Kate" is the perfect, totally ignored nerd girl in school. Her mother is always haunting her about finding friends but she just doesn't fit in. Then the "perfect" girl with the "perfect" look and obviously the "perfect" life moves in across the street on Firefly Lane. "Tully" seems to have it all, everyone immediately loves the new girl, she's so strong and brave and vibrant and of course so out of Kate's league.

But one day Tully speaks to Kate and from that day on the friendship just clicks. The odd part is, while Kate had thought Tully had everything, she realizes that her life isn't what Tully always portrays it to be.

As their lives go on they remain best friends forever, through thick and thin. Battles and war wounds only add to their deep love for each other. Sometimes a little jealousy thrown in makes the friendship road on Firefly Lane bumpy but it never ends the trip.

Touching, simplistic, yet tightly woven intricacy of friendship is touched on all aspects.... from being the one who seems to have it all to being the one who really does have it all.

If you've ever had a best friend, then you have to spend a part of the summer reminiscing about the days of friendship. It's an amazing book of fiction, created by an obviously talented author.

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